Around the world in August and September 2011

Whilst on my latest travel adventure I will endeavour to keep a visual and written record of what I'm up to by posting daily - including three photos taken (roughly) at morning, noon and night!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A balls (and blocks) up

I seem to be slightly losing control over the whole calories in must equal calories out equation but a long hard run this morning should help even things up a little.


That was until I was exposed to the culinary delights at Borough Market, London's premier artisan food destination whilst meeting my friend Chris for lunch. Amongst my purchases was a 'fig block' from Croatia which consisted of dried fig with some herbs and lemon zest (at the stall I mistakenly read their sign as 'fig balls and bollocks', when it actually said balls and blocks).


Is there an anymore confusing pedestrian crossing in london for drivers than the one outside Abbey Road Studios, where tourists congregate on the footpath waiting for their moment to recreate that Beatles album cover? Leah and her boyfriend live right around the corner and I made my way to their house for dinner, the only person on the street to cross at the other crossing (I actually think neither of them are the one in the iconic photograph).

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