Around the world in August and September 2011

Whilst on my latest travel adventure I will endeavour to keep a visual and written record of what I'm up to by posting daily - including three photos taken (roughly) at morning, noon and night!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Farm talk, Bbqs...have I gone home?

So I've just arrived in New York and feeling quite overwhelmed with how much there is to see and I have only walked from the subway to my hotel and not only have I not blogged at all about Ireland, I haven't even finished with London! So before I collapse into bed after a long day travelling I will at least do one!


The cycle of breakfast/lunch/drinks/dinner dates continued on Sunday, meeting Amy Norris and her parents for an early lunch. They are from the same town that I grew up in and had been travelling around rural England (Amy is living in London her parents were visiting), at least they'd been trying to, mostly what they saw were motorways and the back of other cars. We laughed at the size of British farms and their punitive machinery (but at least they can actually grow stuff).


Even though I intended on avoiding all London tourist traps I did have a small wander through Covent Garden and found this fun graffiti in Neals Yard. I didn't have the stamina or patience for Notting Hill Carnival.


My last English pints (as practice for Irish ones) were had with Tara who I used to work with at a camping shop in Soho. See I do know and visit real actual people who grew up in England, just not many. We ended up back at her house to cash in on the BBQ her housemate was having, much better than the one I went to at her house four years ago during which everyone huddled under some tarpaulin strung between two trees that sagged with water from torrential rain.


  1. I can imagine Dasher's comment on the size of the English paddocks. "I could sow all of England in a fortnight" Unquote

  2. ahhh i remember that bbq at tara's oh so well!! what a funny night! :-) loving your travel updates.. take care love x