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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tourist overdrive


Morning image here

I was seriously considering a breakfast margherita when perusing the brunch menu at The Rocking Horse Cafe in Chelsea. I see it as complete prejudice that the waiter offered me orange juice instead just because I was on my own. I forgave him though as I chomped my way through his recommendation of pancakes with peaches, plums, apple smoked bacon and spicy maple syrup. Afterward I checked out the exterior of the Chelsea Hotel, it is currently closed thwarting any plans I had to stay there and live a life of art, music and excess.


Noon image 1

On Craig's recommendation I went to check out Grand Central Station and encountered a movie set across the road, not sure what the film was but I'm guessing the genre is action judging by the pile up of wrecked cars, bricks and smoke.

Noon image 2
Noon image 3

Another recommendation was that if I felt the need to view NY from atop a really tall building, to make it the Rockafeller Centre rather than the Empire State Building. As well as the view, on my 'top of the Rock' tour I encountered perhaps the least genuine customer service I have ever experienced, I think maybe one gets tired of saying "welcome to the 67th  floor" and "thank you for visiting top of the rock" by 15 minutes into their shift. The man ushering tourists into the elevator sounded aggressive when asking people if they'd enjoyed their experience, or maybe it was just an example of the famous brashness of New Yorkers?

After viewing Central Park from above I got amongst it and can only agree that it is an amazing asset for the city. Resting on a park bench, I witnessed a group of about a dozen polish guys randomly breaking into dance as they walked along with a boom box playing polish hip hop, they may have been making an amateur music video but I like to think of it as an expression of the anything goes attitude of this city.


Night image 1

I will take this opportunity to express how revolting the New York subway is. In London the only time I look forward to riding the underground is when it is cold outside. In New York with its oppressive heat and humidity above ground the subway is even more muggy and dank (Julian describes it as going on a tropical holiday), although at least the trains themselves are air-conditioned. I watched a rat go through garbage on the tracks. After some time he chose a drinking straw as his prize although his choice of object was numerous.

Night image 2

On this evening I took the subway to the East Village to meet my Australian friend Juilan and watch Craig and Tom,(I had also met Tom years earlier in Cork) play at bar 2A. A taco from a street van and a ride home in a yellow taxi completed the day's NY experiences. I was a little disappointed that the taxi was a small SUV rather than a traditional preposterously long sedan but at least it wasn't a Prius (not fuel guzzling enough) of which there are some around.

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