Around the world in August and September 2011

Whilst on my latest travel adventure I will endeavour to keep a visual and written record of what I'm up to by posting daily - including three photos taken (roughly) at morning, noon and night!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fiddle dee dee potatoes (& artichokes, kale, broad beans...)


Morning image here

I found it quite difficult to leave the house, the circles I moved in when I lived in Cork never were known for being early risers. Eventually I did get going, pedalling in on the gorgeous bike that Shane had for me.


Noon image 1

Noon image 2

Dropping in on the crew in Crowley's Music centre and visiting the Old English Market were highlights of the afternoon as was a run along the river Lee into the countryside. Unfortunately I spent way too much time wandering around Patrick St, the main shopping area, which does not show off the best of Irish culture.


Night image here

When I lived in Cork i worked at a renowned vegetarian restaurant called Cafe Paradiso the food was always great and returning with my friend Mary for yet another three course meal was no exception. For food nerds out there I had black kale ravioli, stuffed artichokes and we shared a great chocolate mousse and THE BEST custard ever (flavoured ever so subtly with rosemary). Seriously an absolute sensation.


  1. Are you eating you way around the world? What number "stooler" are you now?

  2. Started a 3/4 am definitely now a 1.5. Can still fit in a single aeroplane seat.