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Friday, 26 August 2011

Help me Ronda

Hahahahahaha (see previous post)

Anyone who has known me since childhood will know I have a predisposition to travel sickness. Combine this with 'Spanish night club' sickness and an incredibly windy road and you get an opportunity to 'enjoy' the view at unplanned road side turn outs. Still, however painful the journey there (nice driving Susie), the inland town of Ronda was worth it. It spans two sides of a deep valley and features three spectacular stone bridges which traverse it. We wandered and read interpretative signs, a fair effort considering our delicate conditions.

I maintain that it is completely acceptable to stay in and watch episodes of Grand Designs when one is abroad as long as it is done sparingly.

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  1. We spend hours driving around trying to get a view of this bridge, we managed to drive over it but never actually saw i properly! fair play!