Around the world in August and September 2011

Whilst on my latest travel adventure I will endeavour to keep a visual and written record of what I'm up to by posting daily - including three photos taken (roughly) at morning, noon and night!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Getting around Marbella in the Ibiza

Sit in sun, read book, swim in pool, repeat.
Bedroom window view - sun!
Continental breakfast on the Continent (and the patio)
Susan well and truly honed her right side of the road driving skills as we searched the streets of Marbella for the Nikki beach club only to realise google maps had thrown us a complete furfy. We ended up back in Puerto Banus for some people watching on the marina, the term 'CUBS' springs to mind, short shorts and heels, during the day? At the beach? Really?
Ocean Club Puerto Banus, Me and my friend Rose
Still adjusting to the abundance of evening light it was six pm before we went to a beach club and I had my first swim in the sea. It is hard as an Australian to appreciate most beaches in Europe, the brownish sand, the abundance of sun lounges, the smell of boat fuel....still it was more beach than I have access to in Alice Springs.

ps. It would seem (although I don't want to do it), that aligning the photos to the centre is the best way of avoiding other unwanted formatting.

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