Around the world in August and September 2011

Whilst on my latest travel adventure I will endeavour to keep a visual and written record of what I'm up to by posting daily - including three photos taken (roughly) at morning, noon and night!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This blog doesn't write itself

Packing, driving, airport rigmarole on minimal sleep, fun times.

"This is your captain speaking, we are now beginning our descent into Gatwick where the temperature is currently 15 degrees with a light mist." Hmmm can you turn around and go back to Spain please? We were not greeted with the nicest of summer days but I guess it was nice that the holiday within the holiday was concluded in the same way as it started, walking with luggage from the station in the rain.


Like a naughty kid behind on their homework, I spent much of the rest of the rainy day on the couch working on what I'd been putting off - this blog. That makes it sound like I find it a chore, please understand it is not, that I am writing this first and foremost for my own entertainment, an opportunity to record the experience of travel and life away from day to day routine.

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